Live Repairing Services

When it comes to any kind of repairing service we are sure you feel much more assured and get extra satisfaction if the repairing is done in front of your eyes. This is what we do at Matrix Infosys. Before proceeding with the repairing work on your computer our experts describe the exact issue for which the repair work is required. Thereafter an estimate of the total cost involved is provided.So all the repairing services provided by us including the billing is fully transparent. You can therefore trust us completely.

Along with the regular repairing service at our service centre we also offer door step repairing services for all. These include computer repair, Laptop . So for any of your repairing related needs simply connect with us at Matrix Infosys by calling us or through a request a call and get all your repairing related issues resolved quickly at the most affordable prices

Computer Repair

CPU Repair

We do repair CPU as a whole, if you are a layman in computers and do not know much about the inside of computers than contact us and resolve your computer related issue. Our technician troubleshoot your computer and find out the exactly issue by which your CPU are not functionally work and give you proper solution by rectifying it in the best possible way. So, next time if your computer CPU fails, just give us a call.

  •  Hanged / Stoned system

  •  No Display

  •  Sytem Reboot

  •  Very slow

  •  Network failure

  •  USB not working

Mother Board Repairing

We offer almost all types of service related to computer and computer motherboard, be it 845, 865, 915, 945, G31, 41, H55, 61, 71, 81, 91 chipset board ranging right from P-4, to Core i3,i5, i7, etc. We have expatiation to deals all brand computer mother board include Intel, Asus, Gigabyte, Dell, Hp, Compaq, Foxconn, Biostar etc.

  •  No display

  •  System Restart

  •  USB not working

  •  Ps/2 port not working

  •  Lan not working

Hard disk Drive Repair

Repairing hard disk is a tedious job, but we are well versed in doing that, if your hard disk loaded with essential data crashes suddenly than without besting time give a call to us. We will repair it and get back your important data. We have extra expatiation to handle this type of situation.

  •  No detection

  •  Wrong capacity

  •  Logic failure


We have all the required spares for your desktop computer, both used and new. So if you want to replace or repair your spares than feel free to call us.

  •  DD1 / DDR2 / DDR3 RAM


  • Chasis Fans, Processor Fan

  • Cables

SMPS Repair

A faulty power supply can wreck havoc on the performance of your computer, so if your computer hangs, or it get stoned just remember us to get your problem solved. We left our customer at low service cost for SMTP repair.

  •  Not powering system

  •  Restarting

  •  Hanged / Stoned CPU

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