Here you can find our all kind of services.

We provide a large no. services. Just it should be about computers, mobile, internet, hardware, software, etc.

You will get our services in any of above.

We are professional and our works are world class.

You name it & we will do it for you. 

Computer Repair

Master for Following Computer Issue

  • Malware Related Issues

  • Software Related Issues

  • Windows Errors

  • Browser related issues

  • LCD/LED Display damages

  • Any Software issues

  • Quick Virus Removal

  • Computer Startup problems

  • Computer won’t boot

  • Computer crashes

  • Blank screen

  • Blue screen

  • Lines across the screen

  • Password recovery

  • Liquid spills

  • Internet connection Issue

  • Keyboard damages

Laptop Repair

Master for resolving following Issue

  • Laptop doesn’t turn on

  • Laptop Heating Issue

  • Laptop Beeping Issue

  • Damaged Laptop Screen Replacement

  • Laptop Hard Disk Repair

  • Laptop Mother bord Repair and Replacement

  • Laptop Screen is blank

  • Laptop turns on and off issue

  • Laptop shuts down issue

  • Battery charging issue

  • Display Issue

  • Screen light fails

  • Laptop keyboards stopped working

  • Liquid spill

  • Laptop Adapter Repair

Network Servises

Switch & Cable

We have all types and brands of switches with us be it a 4 /8/16/32/64 port or network racks. We also have custom based cat5e, cat6e cables of all lengths.


We have wireless routers of all types and brands, be it of single or double antenna 150 or 300 Mbps.

LAN / WAN Configuration

U can ask us for configuring your Local network or Wide area network as your requirement may be, be with us and we will provide you with complete networking solution

Printer Repair

Why Milkyway Services for Printer repair?

  • We supply genuine spare parts for any type and any brand of printer

  • You can avail the Repairing services of a highly efficient team of service engineers

  • Quick and efficient service

  • Our Services are very affordable

  • Transparent Billing

Data Recovry

Our Key Feature for Data Recovery

  • We have an extremely efficient team of highly skilled professionals who are expert in data recovery from any device.

  • We offer quick and efficient services

  • We have a transparent billing system for all our services including data recovery services.

  • Our data recovery services are very affordable.

Mobile Repair

Our Mobile Service Key feature

. Mobile LCD & PDA

. Mobile Smd Parts Replacement.

. Mobile Housing.

. All Type of battery.

. Camera Replacement.

. Soft Brick.

. Hard Brick.

. Software Flashing (Official only)

. Boot loop Problem.

. All Kind of Modification.

. Country/Carrier PIN Problem (Official).

. Cover and Screen protecting glass. 

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